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Verbal Authenticity: A Powerful Predictor of Interpersonal, Social, and Entrepreneurial Success

In their research paper, the researchers explore how language plays a crucial role in forming impressions of others. They argue that people use communication patterns to judge others on key interpersonal attributes such as warmth and competence. The researchers examine how verbal authenticity influences person perception and how it relates to meaningful social and entrepreneurial outcomes. They find that communicating authenticity is associated with increased interest in and perceived connection to another person, more engagement with speeches, entrepreneurial success, and more social media likes and retweets.

The researchers show that specific language features indicate authentic versus inauthentic communication, and that natural language processing can be used to evaluate authenticity in person perception. Their work suggests that language is a powerful vehicle for impression formation and that verbal authenticity is a positive predictor of various outcomes. The paper offers theoretical and empirical foundations for evaluating authenticity and demonstrates that communicating authenticity is associated with positive social and entrepreneurial outcomes.


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