Emotions impact attention, perception, and behaviour

Instantly measure and understand emotions in your customer, employee, and user data. 

Emotions drive behaviour


Emotions have a substantial influence on perception, attention, learning, memory, reasoning, and problem solving.


Shouldn't you understand the emotions of your users, employees, and the people who are important to your business?


Uncover emotions from any source of language data

Understand how they feel


Quickly and easily measure the emotions hidden in unstructured data like surveys, messaging, email, transcribed video, social media, reviews and more.


Receptiviti’s emotion insights engine, SALLEE, is the world's most powerful API-based emotion engine. It understands 14 emotions plus sentiment, enabling you to discern how your customers, employees and users feel about your products, services, and topics of importance.

SALLEE Example (1).gif

SALLEE measuring emotions in esports

Way, way more than sentiment 

SALLEE understands that emotion is far more nuanced than simply being positive, negative, or neutral. It detects 14 different emotions, strength of emotion, and yes, also sentiment, and it can be used to detect emotions in real-time for applications like call centres, gaming, interviewing, and more.

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