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Measure Workforce Culture and Wellbeing

Measure team dynamics, workforce wellbeing, and predictors of burnout from text contained in engagement surveys, performance reviews, and communications data.

Revolutionary insights into the health of your workforce 

Start using the world's most extensively validated and widely used language-based psychological insights platform for understanding workforce culture and wellbeing







Our science is built on a decades of research by experts in language, social and industrial psychology, machine learning, and data science, and has been in 20,000 research studies.


Measure cognitive load, stress, anxiety, and the early indicators of burnout 


Motivations including need for achievement self-actualization, and risk aversion


Assess leadership style by measuring Agentic vs. Communal qualities


Drives and Motivations,

Communication Dynamics, Cognitive Measures and more.

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Use text data from virtually any source


Analyze with Receptiviti's easy-to-use visualization tools

Or use Receptiviti's web-based or container APIs

Workforce Culture Intelligence

Analyze language in open-ended survey responses, Glassdoor reviews, 360s, performance reviews, and more to gain critical information about specific topics that elicit strong emotions like anger, fear, excitement, and more.

Hidden Burnout Indicators
Analyze language in open-ended survey responses and uncover hidden information about workforce well-being, including indicators of stress, fatigue, and predictors of burnout.

Explore and Visualize Your Data 
Easily analyze text to assess individuals or groups of people. Quickly visualize findings in customizable charts, graphs, and dashboards to explore your data and present your findings.

Workforce Case Studies and Examples

Measure Indicators of Burnout From Text Data

Most organizations only conduct sentiment analysis on text data from open-ended pulse survey responses. But basic sentiment analysis cannot detect important signals of workforce wellness like burnout and fatigue.

Receptiviti's psychological approach to analyzing language in open-ended responses, provides employers with a wealth of critical information about workforce well-being, including indicators of stress, fatigue and predictors of burnout. 
Read the article

Measure Indicators of Burnout From Text Data
Assess leadership team dynamics and effectiveness

Assessing Team Dynamics and Effectiveness


Differences in backgrounds, personalities, experiences, and perspectives within a team contributes to diversity of thought, which in turn fosters innovation. Receptiviti provides insight into group thought diversity by highlighting the variety of mindsets and work styles present in a team.

Read about analyzing communications data to measure the alignment and cohesiveness of leadership teams, diversity, compatibility, and collaboration effectiveness. Read the case study

Measuring Risk Culture and Risk Predictors

Communications provide a longitudinal, bias-free data for understanding changes to workforce well-being, including cognitive effectiveness, social and emotional health, engagement and productivity.

Receptiviti customers analyze historical communication data for diagnostic purposes, and create real-time culture and risk dashboards by integrating with messaging and communication data sources. Read the case study

Understand risk culture and predictors of risk
Working Together_edited.jpg
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