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Cognitive Measures

Assess individuals' mental states by gaining insights into coping mechanisms, burnout, reasoning, complex problem solving, and more.

What is the Cognition Framework?

Receptiviti's Cognition framework enables a selection of powerful insights into how people think, cope, and problem solve. For example, the Cognitive Load measure provides insight into how much information a person is working to process, while measuring Analytical Thinking offers insight into the complexity of thinking, reasoning, and problem solving. There are nine different cognitive measures, each of which provides insight into different aspects of how people process information.

See the Cognition documentation for a comprehensive overview of the Cognition framework, its measures and definitions.

Cognition and Mental Wellbeing

To see aspects of the Cognition framework in action, the Healthcare Workers Wellness Index uses the Cognitive Load dimension to evaluate, in real time, how much cognitive strain is being experienced by a cohort of doctors and nurses. Within the index, the Cognitive Load is complemented by six other Receptiviti dimensions to provide a comprehensive overview of their mental wellbeing.

Cognition and Recruitment

Dimensions within the Cognition framework can be used to investigate the relationship between higher grades and graduation rates in university settings, the speech of political leaders, and the helpfulness of online customer reviews, and much more.

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