The LIWC API is available exclusively from Receptiviti. It provides researchers, data scientists, and developers with an easy-to-use API that delivers insights into people’s psychologies and cognitive states by analyzing their use of natural language.

Professor James W. Pennebaker,

Receptiviti Co-founder and Inventor of LIWC

Invented by Receptiviti co-founder, Prof. James W. Pennebaker, LIWC is a language psychology analysis framework through which thousands of researchers have established strong links between linguistic patterns and personality and psychological state.


LIWC is considered the gold-standard of psychology-based NLP; it has over 17,000 research citations spanning a broad range domains including insider threat, deception, relationship initiation and stability, political survival strategies, dementia detection and more. Receptiviti retains the global exclusive commercial rights to LIWC.

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