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Leadership Style Assessment

Evaluate leaders through the lenses of agentic and communal leadership styles

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Validated Language-Based Psychological Insights

Receptiviti is the world's most extensively validated and widely used language-based psychological insights platform for assessing candidates, employees, and executives.

Know the Implications of Your

Leadership Style

Leadership style has a profound influence on your team, your organization's culture, capacity for innovation, and ability to perform. Leaders who understand their own leadership style and what they can do to improve it are better able to improve their effectiveness, the performance of their teams, and the success of their organization.


Introducing the Communal Agentic Leadership Integration Assessment -- it’s designed to evaluate leadership style through the lenses of agentic and communal traits.


Enhance Self-Awareness to Improve Your Effectiveness

Extensive research has demonstrated that leaders who successfully integrate communal and agentic styles are significantly more effective, create greater psychological safety, have more innovative teams, and their companies generate stronger financial performance.


Find out what type of leader you are!

Extensively Validated

The Communal Agentic Leadership Integration Assessment leverages proprietary language psychology science that has been extensively researched, validated and cited in over 20,000 peer-reviewed research studies. 

Fast and Unobtrusive

It takes only 25 minutes to complete. Individuals respond to five straightforward questions using their own language - and there are no multiple choice questions to answer. Detailed results and actionable recommendations are presented in a descriptive PDF report. 

White-Label and Customization Available

Receptiviti partners with and provides white-label language psychology-based solutions to many of the world’s leading professional services organizations. The CALI-1 Assessment can be co-branded, questions can be customized, and the assessment can be tailored to the needs of your organization.


  • Critical insights into how individual leadership style impacts teams and organizational culture.

  • Feedback on how leadership style enhances or erodes psychological safety and team innovation-readiness.

  • Fast and easy to complete, no input from others is required.

  • An ideal compliment to self-assessments.

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Our science is built on a decades of research by experts in language, social and industrial psychology, machine learning, and data science, and its been cited in 20,000 research studies.

Ready to understand your leadership style?

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