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Pharma marketing

Elevate Pharma Marketing with Psychological Insights for Audience Understanding

Gain a competitive edge with an in-depth understanding of your the psychology and motivations of your audience, users, and prescribers.

Trusted by industry leaders:


Assess the psychology, motivations, and decision-making styles of medication users and prescribers by analyzing comments on social media, reviews on sites like, research panel transcripts, interviews, and more.

Understand the psychological factors that drive their behaviours and tailor messaging to build trust, credibility, and improve patient outcomes. 

200+ psychological insights from virtually any source of language:


Assess individual personality differences on 5 personality traits/states and 30 facets.


Measure 9 aspects of how people and audiences think and make decisions.


Understand people's motivations like risk aversion, empowerment, achievement, and more. 


Drives and Motivations,

Communication Dynamics, Cognitive Measures and more.

Marketing dollars go further when you understand how to influence the behaviour of your users and those who influence them.

Don't just take our word for it...

“Receptiviti brought a new level to the content we create for clients, giving us a more scientific understanding of how to resonate with our target audiences."

- Lizzie Rabone, Head of Predictive Analytics, EMEA, Edelman

"Marketers can improve EI skills by taking advantage of AI tools in emotional detection and natural language processing such as Receptiviti."

- American Marketing Association, September, 2023

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