Receptiviti Insights API

Quickly integrate powerful insights into emotions, motivations, personalities and other language psychology signals into your business applications, predictive models, and recommendation engines.
No training required

Receptiviti's Insights API generates highly actionable insights with zero training data required.

Our models pull from over 19,000 validated research studies into the linguistic fingerprints of emotions and personality traits, the linguistic signatures of psychological states, and language-based predictors of human behaviour. And if you need to, it's easy to re-norm the insights to fit the distribution of your dataset, or you can start with Receptiviti's scores while concurrently building your training dataset.

Receptiviti provides out-of-box insights about the emotions, psychology, personality, mindsets, and perceptions of the people behind your language data.
Designed for security and scale

We offer both a web-based API and a containerized API that can be installed within your technology environment.

The API has been comprehensively documented and includes sample code to make it easy to get up-and-running quickly. If you have questions, support is readily available.
Analyze virtually any data source 

Uncover insights, inform decisions, predict outcomes, and power machine learning models by analyzing data from virtually any source of natural language including social media, surveys, transcripts, email, messaging, interviews, and more. 
Frameworks and Measures

Many of the world's most sophisticated companies use Receptiviti to understand, predict, and inform what they know and how they interact with the people who matter to their business.

In order to make interpretation of results as easy as possible, the API outputs are based on established research and well-known frameworks in personality, social and cognitive psychology, behavioural science, and associated fields:

Big Five Personality 
DISC Personality

Mental Health
Cognitive Processes

Social Dynamics
Relationship Quality 

Needs and Values

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