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Measure personality, psychology, and emotion contained in language. Understand individuals - at scale.

Receptiviti is the world’s most extensively validated and widely-used psychology-based natural language processing API.

Measure individual personality characteristics from virtually any source of language.

Measure Big-Five and DISC personality dimensions, Needs and Values, and more.

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Measure psychological states like stress, cognitive load and analytical thinking.

Understand people's mindsets by evaluating mental strain, cognitive load, analytical thinking, cognitive health and wellbeing.

Evaluate empathy, influence, leadership styles and group dynamics.

Quantify social phenomena like confidence, authenticity, clout, intimacy, and disclosure.

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Measure 14 emotions and understand how people feel about specific topics.

Why stop at sentiment when you can measure discrete emotions like excitement, anger and fear?

200+ language psychology measures in one API call. 

Learn about the measures contained in the frameworks, or explore the API documentation for comprehensive descriptions, definitions, validation, and more.

Assess Big Five and DISC personality by analyzing language from virtually any source.


Evaluate people's Big Five and DISC personality characteristics by analyzing language from virtually any source - including text, social media, chatbots, surveys, email, voice, transcripts, and more.


The Big Five, also known as the Five Factor Model or OCEAN, is one of the dominant factor models of personality in psychology today. It proposes that every aspect of how we see each other and ourselves can be organized into five clusters of characteristics, called traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Each trait contains 6 more detailed personality facets, for a total of 35 different dimensions of personality. 


DISC, developed by Harvard-educated psychologist William Moulton Marston, demonstrates how individual differences in emotional and communication styles affect behaviour in everyday social interactions and relationships. The 4 DISC styles are: Dominant, Influential, Stable and Cautious.

Who uses Receptiviti's API?

Our API has been deployed in applications developed by startups and many of the world's largest companies, helping them better understand, predict, and improve the ways they interact, service and satisfy their customers, users, patients, employees, and audiences.

Receptiviti is built on a foundation of decades of research by renowned experts in language, psychology, machine learning and data science. Receptiviti is the world's most powerful and widely used language psychology analytics platform.










World-class infrastructure delivers extrremely fast response times.


Designed with privacy and security at the core. Your data is yours - not ours.


Handles exceedingly high volumes of requests to support your growth.

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