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The Importance of Implicit and Explicit Communication in Organizational Interactions

Communication lies at the heart of modern organizations. It's no secret that frequent forms of interaction, such as meetings and performance reviews, play a pivotal role in both individual and organizational success. The way people communicate with each other during these interactions is crucial, as it directly impacts the overall outcome of the interaction, including satisfaction and performance.

This paper is intended to shed light on two crucial aspects of communication that have been proven to contribute to the success of organizational interactions. By using a practical problem as an example, the authors use LIWC to explore:

  1. Implicit communication - the use and coordination of unconsciously used function words like pronouns, articles, and prepositions – and;

  2. Explicit communication, which refers to the overall meaning of a statement.

The authors also delve into the practical relevance of both these communication behaviors by presenting empirical insights and their implications for practice.

The work contained in this paper can be recreated using a selection of the 200+ measures available in the Receptiviti API.


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