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The Language of Creativity: Validating Linguistic Analysis to Assess Creative Scientists and Artists

This study aimed to achieve two objectives: firstly, to validate linguistic analysis as a method for assessing creativity, and secondly, to differentiate between individuals with varying levels of scientific and artistic creativity using language patterns associated with personality.

Traditional creativity assessment methods like questionnaires and tasks can be prone to errors and biases. Linguistic analysis offers an objective and automated approach for evaluating creativity. The study analyzed 419 text samples from creative individuals in science and the arts to explore whether linguistic analysis using creativity dictionaries and personality language patterns could distinguish between creativity levels and domains.

The results indicated that highly creative individuals used more words related to creativity and exhibited language patterns associated with introversion and openness to experience. Furthermore, differences in language patterns were observed between eminent scientists and artists. The findings suggest that linguistic analysis could be a partially valid method for assessing scientific and artistic creativity.


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