Healthcare Workers Wellness Index

Receptiviti's Healthcare Workers Wellness Index measures the daily emotional and psychological health of doctors and nurses by continuously analyzing daily submissions and comments by thousands of self-identified doctors and nurses in their posts on Reddit. It evaluates key emotions and psychological variables that impact their wellbeing and their capacity to provide care.


The index focuses on levels of cognitive load (associated with strain, and mental energy utilized for coping), analytical thinking (capacity for complex problem solving and higher order executive functioning), anger, fear, anxiety, stress and empathy. All of these measures are available in the Receptiviti API.

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Note, the index contains vast amounts of data, so it may take up to 45 seconds to render. If it doesn't render within 45 seconds please refresh the page. If you have any issues loading the index, please send us an email. The index cannot be viewed on mobile devices.

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Mental Health Services

Receptiviti works with a growing number of mental health services providers to uncover insights that enhance diagnostic capabilities, reduce attrition, and improve patient outcomes. Our models pull from over 19,000 validated research studies, many of which focus on understanding the linguistic fingerprints of mental health, coping, disease, recovery, and treatment delivery. Here's a small sample:
Natural Language Processing Reveals Vulnerable Mental Health.png

Natural Language Processing Reveals Vulnerable Mental Health Support Groups and Heightened Health Anxiety on Reddit During COVID-19


The aim of this study is to leverage natural language processing with the goal of characterizing changes in15 of the world’s largest mental health support groups found on Reddit

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You Sound So Down: Capturing Depressed Affect Through Depressed Language


Does depressed affect have a voice? The ability to quantify and measure these subtle cues in text or speech samples could be an invaluable tool for psychologists in a range of disciplines. 

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Who Talks? The Social Psychology of Illness Support Groups


The experience of illness is a profoundly social one. Suffering elicits emotions and hence the desire to talk to others.


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Linguistic Analysis of Schizophrenia in Reddit Posts.png

Linguistic Analysis of Schizophrenia in Reddit Posts

Linguistic abnormalities are a hallmark of Schizophrenia. In this paper we leverage the vast amount of data available from social media and use statistical and machine learning approaches to study  Schizophrenia's linguistic characteristics 


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We invented the science of language psychology 

30-years ago we invented the science of language and personality, called LIWC, and we've been perfecting it ever since. Our science is validated, has over 19,000 citations on Google Scholar, and we are continually expanding its capabilities through our collaborative relationships with some of the most acclaimed researchers in the domain from the University of Toronto, the University of Texas, University of Arizona.

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