Understand the people who matter to your business

Receptiviti analyzes communication,
helping you better understand, engage,
and enable the people who matter
most to your business.

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Beyond NLP
and Sentiment 

Our proprietary science fuses knowledge from the fields of psychology, linguistics, data science, and machine learning to expose insights that other solutions can't.

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Reveals the unconscious

What you say and how you say it reveals a lot about who you are. Our platform reveals psychology, emotion, social hierarchy, relationship quality, and much more. 

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& Predicts

Our platform tunes itself to your unique context and learns to recognize and predict the patterns that matter the most to you.

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People are

Our solutions simplify the messy reality
of human psychology.

Receptiviti provides real-time, actionable, and scientifically-validated insights into the psychological attributes, communication patterns, and emotional signals that impact the people critical to your success.

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Backed by years
of research

Our science is the result of 30+ years of academic and applied research by our founders, some of the world’s preeminent psychologists and computational linguists.

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Customized to meet your needs

Our customers include some of the world’s largest organizations, from financial and professional services, to aerospace, media, and tech. We will solve your problems too.

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Privacy is
our priority

Your confidential information is none of our business. Your data is kept secure, never leaves your organization, and anonymity is always maintained.


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