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The Impact of Language in Finance Job Postings on Gender Diversity

In this study, researchers examined whether the language used in job postings contributes to the gender imbalance in the finance industry. They analyzed internship job postings in the finance industry and evaluated the use of agentic language (e.g., assertive, competitive) versus communal language (e.g., caring, cooperative). The findings showed that finance job postings tend to use high levels of agentic language, which may deter women from applying.

The researchers found that women were more likely to apply to internship postings that were high in communal language and low in agentic language, indicating a mismatch between the language used in job postings and the interests of women applicants. This study highlights the importance of language in job postings and its potential impact on gender diversity in the finance industry. It also provides implications for finance recruiters to increase gender diversity in the workforce by using more communal language in job postings.


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