Objective analysis of language use in cognitive behavioral therapy

LIWC Research Series:

In this study, researchers conduct a secondary analysis of patient language use during cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in a randomized clinical trial, comparing a novel, integrated CBT for PTSD/SUD with standard CBT for SUD information. The researchers found an association between usage of cognitive processing words and clinician-observed reduction in PTSD symptoms, regardless of treatment condition.

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Anthony N. Jennings, Heather E. Soder, Margaret C. Wardle, Joy M. Schmitz & Anka A. Vujanovic (2021) Objective analysis of language use in cognitive-behavioral therapy: associations with symptom change in adults with co-occurring substance use disorders and posttraumatic stress, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 50:2, 89-103, DOI: 10.1080/16506073.2020.1819865