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Go Deeper, Aim Tighter, Change Minds!

Use academically-backed frameworks to understand your audience’s psychology on a deeper level. 

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Tailored Communications At Scale

Go Deeper 
Use our frameworks to analyze what your audience is saying on a deeper level, enabling you to build psychologically rich personas. 

Aim Tighter 
Craft your communications to suit your audience’s mindset, tailoring the messaging according to their current perceptions. 

Change Minds
Measure shifts in audience perception over time to understand how your messages are landing and demonstrate where you’ve changed minds and influenced behaviours.

Insights You Can Trust

Receptiviti is the world’s most extensively validated psychological insights platform. 

Co-founded by Dr. James Pennebaker, Receptiviti builds on a foundation of decades of research by experts in psychology, linguistics, machine learning and data science. Receptiviti’s science has been cited in over 20,000 research studies. Watch James' TEDTalk.

Using our platform, you can diagnose with accuracy what’s going on for your audience internally and tap into academically validated approaches to build the right strategy for connecting with them. Our team of experts are always on hand to help you identify the best next step, either with our practical blog series or with friendly and helpful human co-pilots.







Key Frameworks


Big Five Personality

Big Five Personality

Understand who your audience really is, and how to write in ways that resonate with them


Discover the Big Five






Identify what they are feeling and how that changes what they need to hear from you

Discover Emotions


Needs and Values

Needs and Values

Predict behaviour and craft messaging that aligns with peoples' personal convictions

Discover Needs and Values


+9 More Frameworks

+9 More


Drives and Motivations,

Communication Dynamics, Cognitive Measures and more

Show me them all

Start Deploying The Science

Dive into rich insights 

Our powerful visualization tool enables you to upload any text and analyze it using our frameworks. 

Leverage pre-built dashboards or create your own visualizations to get that killer chart for your deck.

Compare audiences to each other, measure perception changes over time or see how emotions change when different topics are discussed. 

Get bespoke with the API

We also provide API access to enable you to use our data however you need, including integrating with your own in-house software.

API accounts start at $500/month 

Research-backed strategy

Leverage our team of experts to help you create powerful brand strategies based on your findings, building on the decades of research using our science.

Industry leaders trust Receptiviti

Don't just take our word for it...

“Receptiviti brought a new level to the content we create for clients, giving us a more scientific understanding of how our word choices are likely to resonate with our target audiences."

- Lizzie Rabone, Head of Predictive Analytics, EMEA, Edelman

"Marketers can improve EI skills by taking advantage of AI tools in emotional detection and natural language processing such as Receptiviti."

- American Marketing Association, September, 2023

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Why Edelman uses Receptiviti to build stronger brand connections

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