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A message to IBM Watson Personality Insights users from the inventors of the science​

Receptiviti is more than just an IBM Watson Personality Insights alternative. Receptiviti's founder invented the science that made Watson's Personality Insights possible.


Quick History of Personality Insights


The history of language-based personality insights starts long before IBM launched Watson Personality Insights. The story begins in the 1990s with the seminal work of Receptiviti Co-Founder, Dr. James W. Pennebaker at the University of Texas, who was investigating how analysis of writing could predict mental and physical health, personalities, social behaviours, and cognitive processes. Since those early days, our science has been the basis for thousands of academic publications covering topics such as personality, cognitive behaviour therapy, leadership styles, suicide intervention, deception, and more. 


Foundation of Validated Research

For years, we have worked closely with academics around the world, supporting and contributing to research, gathering data, and continuously improving the informative and predictive quality of our platform. Today, Receptiviti is the global leader in language psychology, with customers that span industries including technology, financial services, human capital and recruiting, mental health, marketing communications, market research, and more. 


Receptiviti's Personality Insights has been extensively validated and is trusted by and integrated into some of the world's top marketing communications and market research technologies, and recruiting and HR technology platforms. You might not see it, but Receptiviti is the magic behind many of the platforms you use every day.


Receptiviti offers a multiple Personality Insights frameworks including Big Five, DISC, and Needs and Values, but Personality Insights is just one of our many products. You can see the complete list here.​

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