Orientation measures understand whether a person is referring to something that has already happened, happening now, or has yet to happen, and whether a person is speaking about themselves or something else. Combine Orientation with other Receptiviti measures to gain an even more nuanced understanding of a person's mindset.

Past, Present or Future?

Thoughts, feelings, stories and conversations can focus on the past, present, or future, or a combination of past, present, or future. Orientation understands whether language is referring to something that has already happened (e.g., moments ago, yesterday, last week, ten years ago), happening now, or something that has yet to happen (e.g., later, tomorrow, next week, two years from now).

Me or Something else?

Self-focus determines whether a person’s language is focused on themselves, whereas External focus measures the degree to which language is focus on other people or entities other than ones-self.

Combining Orientation with other Receptiviti measures provide a multidimensional view of a person's mindset. For example, by combining Orientation with SALLEE Emotion Insights, you can gain a detailed understanding of whether fear (one of SALLEE's 16 emotions) is associated with event in the past, a current situation that is eliciting fear, or fear of something that has yet to occur.​

Orientation measures can also serve as inputs to predictive or informative models, with applications for use cases as diverse as call centre, mental health, and product reviews.

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Understand whether the people that matter to you are thinking or talking about something in the past, present, or future.

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