Understand and measure social phenomena like confidence, authenticity, and isolation as expressed through language. Develop informative and predictive models that uncover the relationship between language and social behaviour.

Social Insights from Subtle Clues In Language


While traditional NLP techniques focus exclusively on "what" people are saying, Receptiviti understands the importance of "how" people express themselves, and how subtle clues in language provide a wealth of information about social psychology, social health, and social dynamics of an individual or groups of individuals.

Measures how people feel about themselves and and relate to other people by quantifying the degree to which people are focused on themselves, focused on other people, whether they communicate with authenticity, clout, hesitation, the degree to which they communicate formally or informally, and more. 

Social Dynamics makes it possible to measure a broad range of social and interpersonal phenomena, and develop informative and predictive models by uncovering the relationship between social psychology and human behaviour.


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For Business Users

Understand social health and the social dynamics that impact the behaviours of people and groups that matter to you. 

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Uncover the predictive relationship between social dynamics and human behaviour.

For Developers

Our easy-to-use API and documentation makes it easy to integrate Social Dynamics insights into your technology.

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