Social Dynamics

Understand and measure how people feel about themselves and and relate to other people by quantifying confidence, authenticity, isolation, clout, hesitation and more.

Receptiviti customers use Social Dynamics measures to improve the predictive capabilities of their candidate assessment and recruiting technologies, gain critical insights into users of online mental health programs, augment corporate culture assessments with intelligence about engagement, isolation, inter- and intra-group dynamics, and more.

Relationship Quality​

Measure the quality of the important business relationships, and improve interactions between sales, customers service, automated agents and the customers, clients, patients and people they help and support.


Narrative Arc

When we read, watch, or experience a story, we're typically focused on the content, but stories typically conform to a structure: the introduction of new story elements ("staging"), the characters' behaviors and interactions ("plot progression"), and the building and release of conflict ("cognitive tension"). Receptiviti enables you to measure narrative structure, and customize what you measure within your stories. 

Reading in Library

Toxicity Detection

Toxic behaviour is a growing problem for online publishers, e-gaming companies, and comment moderation platforms. Toxicity Detection finds threats, hate speech, and offensive behaviour in your unstructured language data assets.


We invented the science of language psychology

30-years ago we invented the science of language and personality, and we've been perfecting it ever since. Our science is validated and has over 19,000 citations on Google Scholar. The Receptiviti Language-Based Personality API is rooted in our science and makes it easy to integrate personality insights into your applications.

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