Open-end survey responses contain the most important information in your surveys, but sentiment only tells a fraction of the story.

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Go beyond sentiment to understand the specific emotions people express relative to the topics they mention in their responses.

Deeper insight into the drivers of behaviour

Analyze thousands of text responses and instantly identify which topics elicit the greatest amounts of fear, anger, happiness, surprise, excitement, and more. Gain insight into 14 specific emotions, and sentiment too.


Example: How employees feel about Covid's impact on their career path: 

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  • Employees with 1-5 years tenure are showing the highest levels of sadness and fear related to the impact Covid is having on their career path.

  • Employees with 5-10 years of tenure are showing higher levels of excitement related to Covid's impact on their career path.

  • Employees with 10+ years of tenure are expressing lower levels of fear related to the impact Covid is having on their career path.


Works with virtually all survey platforms

Integrate Receptiviti with your survey platform, or import the responses from the platform of your choice.

Insights are always relevant and specific


Customizable topic models ensure that insights are specific to the way you want to understand your data.

Surface the most important information

Quickly uncover the most salient facts contained in open-ended responses, and understand how people feel about the topics they mention.

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