SALLEE is an entirely new approach to uncovering emotion from language. Our proprietary method quantifies 17 distinct emotions from as little as 10 words.


Traditional sentiment analysis offers only a limited understanding of the actual emotions behind language.


SALLEE (pronounced Sally) recognizes that emotion is far more nuanced than simply being positive, negative, or neutral. Using proprietary techniques, SALLEE accurately detects a broad set of explicit emotions. It is word-order and context-aware, accounts for punctuation, negations, softeners and intensifiers, and tracks emotional valences to compute scores and strengths for 17 different emotions:

For Business Users

Go beyond sentiment to understand the full spectrum of people's emotions, and the strength of their emotions, from their language. Differentiate among positive emotions like love, desire, excitement, and negative emotions like anger, fear, pain and more.

For Data Scientists

Integrate SALLEE emotion detection capabilities into your stack to generate unparalleled insights and predictive capabilities based on the full spectrum of people's emotions.

For Developers

Our easy-to-use API and simple documentation makes it easy to integrate SALLEE Emotion Detection into your technology.

Get started with SALLEE 

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