The world's most powerful API for predicting a broad range of psychological states, drives, values, cognitive processes, decision-making styles and more. 

Receptiviti's Psychological Insights engine, called STEPAHNIE, detects a person's underlying psychological and cognitive states from their language. STEPAHNIE scores are easily interpretable, map to common frameworks and constructs, and are ideal for use cases that require meaningful and easy-to-explain insights.

Using the Receptiviti API, you can access all 50+ STEPAHNIE scores - they are ideal inputs into machine learning models, while scaled scores are designed for informing business decisions by comparing and contrasting results of different individuals or groups. Our normalization process uses a diverse set of data gathered across multiple contexts of speech and written language with over 10 million data points.

What can you build with STEPHANIE? Just about anything. Here are a couple of examples of insights to get your creative juices flowing:



Cognitive Processes


Temporal Orientation

Decision Style

For Product Teams

Infuse products with insights into the emotions, drives, and traits that influence behaviours.

For Data Scientists

Train and integrate predictive models into your stack and create new solutions to business challenges.

For Developers

Integrate insight engines and prediction machines into your stack with our API and simple documentation.

Get started with STEPHANIE

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