• Jon Kreindler

Worrisome trends in the psychological health of 6,500 front-line doctors and nurses

In February 2021 we launched the Healthcare Workers Wellness Index. It passively measures the daily emotional and psychological health of 6,500 front-line doctors and nurses by analyzing their posts in medical subreddits on Reddit. The index is updated daily and evaluates key emotions and psychological variables that impact their wellbeing and their capacity to provide care.

While we’ve received a great deal of lovely feedback on it, the index shows some disturbing trends that suggests our leaders in government need to do far more to support healthcare workers in the trenches fighting the war against Covid-19. Stress levels across the 6,500 doctors and nurses continue to surge, their anger is increasing, anxiety levels continue to climb, and empathy levels have once again begun to trend downwards. Their ability to provide care depends on our willingness to continue to fight the pandemic by following the same guidance about masks and social distancing that we’ve been hearing since last March.

Please check out the index, and share it with your network.

We are all in this together, and we all bear responsibility for the outcome of this pandemic. By sharing the index widely, more people can see how our individual behaviours are impacting healthcare workers, and just maybe we can help improve the situation for those who are saving lives and fighting on the front lines in Covid-19.

Show you care. Please share it.