• Zissis Hadijs

Research: How emojis can predict dropout of remote workers

In the Research series, we highlight recent LIWC-based academic research that has implications for many of the use cases that our clients are focused on.

While remote working has its benefits for employees and employers alike, it can be hard to get an accurate read on workers' engagement, emotional well-being, etc. without face-to-face interactions.

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Peking University looked at how patterns of emoji usage (as cues of non-verbal communication) can be linked to work-related activity. To quantify the emotional status of workers, they "extracted the keywords describing each emoji in the Unicode standard, got their LIWC emotion scores, and aggregated the

scores to measure multi-dimensional emotions of that emoji."

In sum, they found "that who use emojis in their posts are significantly less likely to dropout from [their] online work platform."

To read the study in full and learn more about how emojis can help track the emotional state of workers, click here.