‘Rapport myopia’ in investigative interviews

LIWC Research Series:

Rapport-building has been shown to foster cooperation with both cooperative and uncooperative interviewees in investigative contexts. As such, rapport is a fundamental part of well-established models of investigative interviewing (Powell, Fisher, & Wright, 2005; Walsh & Bull, 2012). Nevertheless, little remains known about how reliably interviewers judge the effectiveness of their efforts to build rapport with interviewees. In this exploratory study, we examine whether mock interviewers’ judgments of rapport align with those of other involved parties, and with a key linguistic measure of interpersonal synchrony.

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Richardson, B. H., & Nash, R. A. (2022). ‘Rapport myopia’ in investigative interviews: Evidence from linguistic and subjective indicators of rapport. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 27(1), 32-47.