• Zissis Hadijs

Research: How hotels can leverage their brand personalities to attract tourists

In the Research series, we highlight recent LIWC-based academic research that has implications for many of the use cases that our clients are focused on.

While there's no telling exactly when international travel will return to normal after the pandemic, one thing is certain: travellers will want to make sure hotels are clean and follow strict safety protocols.

Authors of this paper "investigated how hotels that position their brand as a particular personality (sincere vs. exciting) could benefit from different communication styles (inclusion of numerical vs. verbal quantifiers) when presenting their COVID-19 cleaning procedures" in order to motivate guests to visit.

The researchers found that "sincere hotel brands would benefit from using numerical and verbal quantifiers to communicate their cleaning policies, whereas exciting hotel brands would benefit only from numerical quantifiers."

To read the paper in full and learn more about how hotel managers can leverage their brand personalities to attract more customers, click here.