It Takes Just 120 Seconds: Predicting Satisfaction in Technical Support Calls

In the Receptiviti LIWC Research Series, we highlight important research conducted using our platform and science that has implications for our customers' and partners' businesses and for society at large:

This study investigated whether information gleaned from analysis of language used in the first two minutes of technical support telephone conversations could predict the callers’ satisfaction with the technical support person. Ratings of support persons’ behavior, particularly related to a positive, caller-centered communication style, and the support persons’ use of the first person singular pronouns were all significant predictors of the original callers’ satisfaction.

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Hall, J. A., Verghis, P., Stockton, W., & Goh, J. X. (2014). It takes just 120 seconds: Predicting satisfaction in technical support calls. Psychology & Marketing, 31(7), 500–508.