Expressive Interviewing: A Conversational System for Coping with COVID-19

LIWC Research Series:

Research has shown that expressive writing and motivational interviewing are valuable and beneficial psychological exercises. This study introduces expressive interviewing, a combination of expressive writing and motivational interviewing that encourages participants to write freely about their thoughts and feelings in answer to a series of questions. Researchers create an expressive interview dialogue system that participants use to write about the impact of Covid-19. The study includes an analysis of user interactions and an evaluation of user experience.

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Welch, C., Lahnala, A., Pérez-Rosas, V., Shen, S., Seraj, S., An, L., & Mihalcea, R. (2020). Expressive interviewing: A conversational system for coping with COVID-19. arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.03819.