Assess Big Five and DISC personality traits directly from language.

The Big Five and DISC Personality API is the easiest way to integrate personality assessment capabilities into your technology.

Big 5 Personality Insights

Decades of research by renowned experts in language, personality, and data science, has made Receptiviti the world's most powerful and widely used language personality API

Big Five Personality API

Integrate Big Five personality insights into your applications and measure the personalities of your users, employees, and the people who matter to your business.

Measure personality traits, temperaments and drives from language, and predict people's preferences and behaviours. Receptiviti measures personality from language and maps the insights to 35 traits that comprise the Big Five Personality Model.

Big Five Personality

The Big Five, sometimes referred to as the OCEAN personality framework, is comprised of 5 main personality traits (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism), each of which contains 6 more detailed personality facets, for a total of 35 different dimensions of personality.

DISC Personality API

DISC Personality_edited.png

Integrate DISC personality profiles into your applications to understand how to relate to employees, customers and people who matter to your business.

Developed by Harvard-educated psychologist William Moulton Marston, the DISC model demonstrates how individual differences in emotional and communication styles affect behaviour in everyday social interactions and relationships.

DISC has been most commonly applied to workplace interactions: how people prefer to go about their work, relate to coworkers, and seek out an appropriate place in their workplace hierarchies. Each of the four DISC styles represent a style of interacting with one’s environment:

  • Dominant people tend to be ambitious, active, bold leaders; 

  • Influential people lead through connections, creativity, and collaboration; 

  • Stable people tend to be faithful, modest, methodical workers who value relationships; 

  • Cautious people prefer to do their jobs accurately, unobtrusively, and impersonally.

Receptiviti's DISC framework provides further specificity with additional dimensions that describe how people relate to and work with their peers:

  • Boldness vs. Calmness: The degree to which they are fast-paced, decisive, assertive, sociable vs. reserved, calm, methodical, and careful.

  • People vs. Task-Focused: The degree to which they are interested in others’ thoughts and feelings vs. focused on work-related tasks and accomplishments.

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