Personality traits predict people's preferences and behaviours.

Quickly infer people's personality traits by analyzing their language from virtually any source

Understand the personalities of your users, employees, and the people who matter to your business

Measure personality traits, temperaments and drives from language, and predict people's preferences and behaviours. Receptiviti measures personality from language and maps the insights to 35 traits that comprise the Big Five Personality Model.

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Predictive and informative


Personality insights are ideal inputs into machine learning models for predicting behaviours, gathering customer intelligence, evaluating candidates and employees, optimizing customer interactions, matching customers to call centre agents, and more.


Understand their drives and motivations

Receptiviti also measures personal drives and motivations, making it possible to determine what is motivating peoples' behaviour. Are they risk-takers, risk avoiders, driven by the need for achievement and self actualization, domination, or reward?


Infer peoples' personalities and drives from virtually any source of language data

Uncover personality profiles without questionnaires

Unlike traditional personality assessments, Receptiviti's language-based Personality Insights do not require questionnaires. Insights can be extracted from language from virtually any source including voice, email, messaging systems, transcribed video, surveys, earnings call transcripts, bots, blogs, forum posts, tweets and more.

Why should you use Receptiviti Language-Based Personality Insights?

30-years ago we invented the science of language and personality, and we've been perfecting it ever since. Our science is validated, and it has over 19,000 citations on Google ScholarOur normalization process uses a diverse set of data gathered across multiple contexts of speech and written language with over 10 million data points.

The Receptiviti Language-Based Personality API makes it easy to integrate personality insights into your applications.