The friction-free way to evaluate organizational culture, workforce health, leadership effectiveness, and team dynamics.

An ever-increasing number of HR technology, assessment platforms, and human capital services organizations are integrating Receptiviti's evidence-based insights into their platforms. Our API customers include startups, research labs, and the world's largest HR technology companies.
Why? Because Receptiviti's science is extensively validated, our APIs are easy to use and integrate, and our support team is comprised of domain experts. These are just some of the reasons that Receptiviti is recognized as the global leader in psychology-based language intelligence.

The language that employees and teams use when they communicate, comment, and collaborate can provide insight into employee fit, engagement, organizational health and culture, and team and leadership dynamics. 

Assess Big Five and DISC personality traits directly from language.

Measure personality traits on the Big Five, DISC, and Needs and Values frameworks by analyzing language from virtually any source.

Big Five Personality
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Survey Intelligence: Understand which topics elicit specific emotions like excitement, anger, and fear in open-end survey responses.

Open-end survey responses contain the most important information in your surveys, but sentiment only tells a fraction of the story. Know more about your people and organization with Receptiviti Survey Intelligence.

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Case Study: Uncovering Emotions in Open-Ended Survey Responses

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Workforce Intelligence: Understand and measure workplace culture, workforce health, leadership effectiveness, and team dynamics.

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Case Study: Exploration of Executive Team Group Dynamics

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Evaluating Engagement and Mental Wellness of Remote Workers Through Email Analysis.jpg

Case Study: Evaluating Engagement and Mental Wellness of Remote Workers

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Leadership Effectiveness

Self-serving attribution bias is a type of misattribution bias in which CEOs attribute strong company performance to their own abilities, and poor performance to bad luck or the economy. 
Stock market response to interviews of CEOs with self-serving attribution bias is typically negative. 


CEOs with self-serving attribution bias are more likely to be fired, especially if governance is stronger. 


Group Dynamics and Team Effectiveness 

Analyzing how teams communicate can provide insight into inclusivity, attentiveness, collaboration, and group effectiveness.
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