Understand and measure Needs and Values

Understand what motivates people's preferences, habits, and decision-making.

Understand why they make the decisions they do

Receptiviti customers use Needs and Values to understand the likely behaviour of their customers, audiences, and the people who are important to their business, and target them with messaging that aligns with their unique needs and values. 


About Values


Fundamental human values have been studied extensively throughout the development of social sciences. These values help define how people organize themselves individually and into groups, as well as how they react to change (Schwartz 2006). Over the years, the labeling of these human values has varied. Schwartz’s work aimed at solidifying a core set of universal human values derived through empirical study in many countries across the world. His first iteration analyzed 20 countries to construct his initial framework of values (Schwartz 1992). He has since applied this framework to 68 countries to demonstrate its universality across humankind (Schwartz 2006). Schwartz’s work boils down the core values into five unique dimensions, which are calculated by Receptiviti’s “Values” framework. These dimensions are:


  • Self-Transcendence

  • Conservatism

  • Self-Enhancement

  • Hedonism

  • Openness to Change

About Needs

Identifying and understanding customer needs is incredibly useful in determining how they will respond to brands, product offerings, marketing campaigns, incentive programs, etc. (Armstrong, Kotler 2013). Our “Needs” framework is rooted in the Universal Needs Map (Ford 2005). Ford’s work describes each need, as well as highlights how they complement each other, and how successful brands can appeal to strategic combinations of needs. Receptiviti’s “Needs” measures unlocks immense potential for marketers, employers, and any organization seeking to understand their customers. We provide data on all 12 of Ford’s needs, namely:


  • Structure

  • Practicality

  • Challenge

  • Self-Expression

  • Excitement

  • Curiosity

  • Liberty

  • Ideals

  • Harmony

  • Love

  • Closeness

  • Stability


Infer peoples' needs and values from virtually any source of language data

Why should you use Receptiviti?

30-years ago we invented the science of language and personality, and we've been perfecting it ever since. Our science is validated, and it has over 19,000 citations on Google ScholarOur normalization process uses a diverse set of data gathered across multiple contexts of speech and written language with over 10 million data points.

The Receptiviti Language-Based Personality API makes it easy to integrate personality insights into your applications.

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