Receptiviti's Mental Health Insights provides indicators of a wide range of mental health and distress-related concerns. Using an extensive training dataset, it detects unique psychological signals associated depression, eating disorders, social anxiety and more. 

Identify Signals of Mental Health Concerns 

Receptiviti Mental Health Insights understands how specific mental health and distress-related issues manifest in language, and can identify the unique psychological signals associated with a range of concerns such as addiction, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, health anxiety, loneliness, social anxiety and suicide risk.

Receptiviti's capabilities are based on a foundation of research by a team that includes psychologists, linguists and data scientists, as well as through relationships with some of the most acclaimed researchers in the domain from the University of Toronto, the University of Texas, University of Arizona.

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For Data Scientists

Easily incorporate Mental Health Insights into predictive and informative models. Combine with other Receptiviti insights to further your understanding of the people who matter to you. 

For Developers

Our easy-to-use API and documentation makes it easy to integrate Mental Health Insights

into your technology.

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