Assess personality and emotions directly from people's language.

Today’s most advanced media, marketing, and communications teams use Receptiviti to understand the unconscious drivers of how audiences and customers think, behave, and make decisions. 
Our easy-to-use APIs analyze natural language and empower you with insight into over 300 dimensions of personality, psychology, personal needs, values, drives and motivations, and provide the deep human insights needed to execute incredibly impactful campaigns and communications.

Optimize every interaction by quantifying the personality, psychology, needs, values, drives, and motivation of customers, audiences, and influencers.

Trusted by the biggest names in marketing communications and brand strategy:

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Assess individuals, cluster audiences, and measure brand personality by analyzing language.



Quantify qualities, traits, and consumer decision-making styles by evaluating personality using frameworks like Big Five, DISC, Personal Drives, and Needs & Values. 

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