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Know your customer.

Receptiviti’s technology combines social psychology and artificial intelligence to allow insurance companies to gain valuable insights from text data.


Leverage our platform within your business to analyze your customer. Look beyond ‘what’ is said to understand the person behind the text. Today’s sophisticated insurance providers recognize the importance of identifying individual insights by leveraging behavioural psychology, to become more effective in many aspects of their business:


  • Marketing: Augment traditional demographic and life-stage marketing with targeted and personalized offers based on a deep understanding of each customer’s unique psychology.  Reduce cost per acquisition and increase bind rates.

  • Sales and Service: Enable customer service and sales with real-time insights into customer emotion and decision-making styles to enhance the customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and drive bind rates and policy sales growth.

  • Product: Design and develop insurance products that are tailored to policyholders' personality and psychology to improve bind rates and renewals.

  • Digital Experience: Hyper-personalize the digital learning and purchasing experience to create a self-adapting bespoke experience that’s tailored to each customer’s unique personality, motivations, and cognitive style.

  • Underwriting, Actuarial and Claims: Integrate language psychology into models to improve predictive capabilities, reduce risk and average cost per claim.


A recent Deloitte survey of insurance customer behaviour emphasized that future industry leaders will be those that successfully “blend an advice-driven approach with a digitally enhanced engagement strategy to help meet evolving consumer expectations.”


With our depth of experience and expertise in computational linguistics, psychology, and machine learning we have created an API-based platform that can provide you with the foundation to realize the benefits of integrating psychology into every aspect of your insurance business.

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Case Studies and Research

Explore some of our research and client work.

Insurance Based Lie Detection - Enhancin


Insurance Claim Lie Detection

Individuals may lie for many any number of reasons, including financial gain. Twenty percent of policyholders surveyed individuals admitting they would consider submitting an exaggerated or fabricated insurance claim in the future (Association of British Insurers, 2009). This study explores applications of the Verifiability Approach for verbal lie detection within the insurance claim domain.

COVID-19 Cognitive, Social and Emotional


COVID-19 Cognitive, Social and Emotional Impact on the Workforce

This study aggregates the findings of research into how COVID-19 has impacted the cognitive abilities, social and emotional health and productivity of the workforce. Findings highlight critical issues that can help organizations as they prepare for the post- COVID-19 world of work.



Public Concerns and Fears Related to Canada’s COVID Relief Programs

In Fall 2020, the Canadian Ministry of Finance engaged Receptiviti to gain an in-depth understanding of public perception of the CERB program, with the findings to be used to inform future program policy, communication strategy, and risk management.