Industry Use Cases

Understand the emotions, personalities, mindsets, and intentions of the people who matter to your business, and drive success of your projects, products and services.

Call Centre
Call Centres
Enhance call centre customer experience by measuring agent empathy, authenticity, and EQ.
Travel Blogs
Online Communities
Extract insights about community members to increase engagement, retention, and growth, and safeguard the community from unwanted behaviour.
The Wall of Ideas
Market Research
Extract insights about customer psychology from their language to improve product design, relevance, product experience, and marketing effectiveness.
Modern Office
Enterprise Risk
Extract insights into the real-time psychological state of a workforce and monitor factors such as stress levels, risk taking propensities, influence hierarchies, and attrition risk.
Colleagues Working in Office
Gain powerful insights into the characteristics, personalities, and traits of candidates, and reduce time and cost per hire.
Lab Work
Life Sciences
From drug trials to improving doctor-patient communication, Receptiviti provides insights into participant and patient psychology that improves outcomes.
Gaming Club
Measure emotional responses, psychology, and behaviours to optimize experiences, maximize revenue and safeguard players from toxic and unwanted behaviour.
Computer Programming
Product Development
Extract insights about your customers' and users' psychology to optimize product design, relevance, product experience, and product success.
Conduct psychology-based automated due diligence, and to create unique additive alpha generating capabilities. 

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