Human Capital Intelligence


Providing large enterprise businesses with unprecedented, real-time insights into workforce stress, fatigue, and other predictive indicators of workforce health, culture, and risk, without the need for surveys.


Real Time. No Surveys.
No Nonsense.

Receptiviti HCI provides insights that workplace surveys can’t. The platform passively analyses anonymized and aggregated email and messaging data to provide real-time information about the health of your workforce through leading indicators such as stress, empowerment, and satisfaction.


Identify the issues
you can’t see.

Receptiviti offers a data-driven approach to assessing risk culture. By providing specific insights into organizational health at the departmental, group, and team levels, by demographic factors such as role, gender, and tenure, the platform enables you to identify and address emerging issues before they manifest into larger problems.


Actionable intelligence
for HR and Risk

People issues you can’t see put your organization and culture at risk. Receptiviti makes it easy to understand organizational health in real-time by gender, tenure, role, and other demographics, at departmental, group and team levels. Artificial intelligence powers Receptiviti’s predictive capabilities, identifying emerging issues before they manifest into larger problems.


Privacy is paramount.

Your data is none of our business. Receptiviti HCI is used by some of the world’s largest business with the highest standards for privacy and security. Our revolutionary platform ensures that all confidential data remains behind your firewall, and the anonymity of your workforce is always maintained.

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