Colleagues Working in Office

Human Resources

Industry Challenge:

The sudden increase in working from home has changed the way businesses operate, and may serve as the catalyst for a new way of doing business for years to come. This new way of working necessitates new types of reporting to better understand wellness and the drivers of productivity of today's remote workforce.

Why Receptiviti:


Receptiviti's API enables HR technology and service providers to integrate workforce wellness measures like engagement, satisfaction, empowerment, and fatigue into their own offerings by analyzing language in surveys, performance reviews, messaging and email systems.


Engaged employees feel meaning in their work and connected with the people around them. They are likely to promote the organization and their values, go the extra mile to deliver good work, and spread their positive attitude throughout their team.


Employees who are fatigued turn their focus inwards rather than on their workplace, coworkers, or the work they do, and as a result their performance often declines. Early warning signs can include an increase in cynicism and disillusionment, a decrease in motivation and energy, difficulty concentrating, and impaired decision-making.


Sustained stress is often associated with difficulty focusing and loss of motivation. It can also lead to an array of other cognitive, mood, lifestyle, and workplace problems, including irritability, feeling overwhelmed, withdrawal, attrition and in certain circumstances may lead to conduct violations.

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