Integrate Receptiviti's Hate Speech Detection using our easy to use API to keep your online community safe by identifying threats, violence, obscenities, abuse, and hate speech in all forms.

Rapid Identification of Hate Speech

The rapid growth of social media and online discussion platforms has led to an increasing propagation of online hate speech and hate-based propaganda. Hate speech is commonly defined as "abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation."


Hate speech is a serious and growing problem for online publishers, e-gaming companies, comment moderation platforms, and social media platforms. In addition to ethical reasons for combatting online hate speech, governments across the globe are beginning to implement new legislation that requires platforms to remove hate content within hours or face significant financial penalties.

More Than a Language Detection Problem

Identifying hate speech is more than just a language detection problem; problematic interactions by their very nature are social psychology phenomena - and they must be dealt with as such, because relying solely on word and phrase detection will only get you so far. Receptiviti uses proprietary techniques based on linguistics and social psychology to identify hate speech of all forms.


Identify Threats, Violence, Obscenities, and Abuse

Detect Threats: Identify language that contains a direct threat of any kind, including direct or indirect violence, intimidation and more. This threat may be to the reader or recipient, may be to a third party who isn’t reading the message, or may be to a type of person in general.

Detect Hate: Identify language that contains an instance hatred, anger, slurs, or disgust regarding any demographic group. Demographic groups are commonly differentiated by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.


Detect Obscenities and Insults: Identify language that might be considered obscene, insulting, or offensive, including lewdness, descriptions of sex or desires, direct insults to the reader of the message, or excessive swear words in a context where they aren’t welcome. 

Detect Toxicity: Identify language that contains content considered undesirable in civil discourse, including threats, hate speech, offensive language, bullying, direct threats, insensitive content, crimes, descriptions of violence, or overt sexual content.



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