Industry Challenge:

Investor interest in applying NLP techniques to earnings calls and public filings has grown dramatically in recent years. However, traditional NLP tools offer limited ability to understand the mindsets and motivations required to create psychology-based indices, conduct psychology-based automated due diligence, and to create unique additive alpha generating capabilities. Receptiviti provides investors and analysts with the world's most sophisticated natural language processing capabilities for earnings call analysis.

Why Receptiviti


Receptiviti makes it possible to understand mindsets, emotions, drives, and gauge the authenticity, deception and risk-taking propensity of executives. Our API enables you to build informative and predictive machine learning models that correlate deep insights into executive psychology with company performance.


Temporal focus has been proven to impact executive prioritization, resource allocation, strategic planning, risk-taking, and overall company performance. With a range of temporal measures, Receptiviti enables you to understand whether executives are consumed with the past, focused on the present, or planning for the future. 


Sentiment is traditionally viewed as a binary measure of the positivity or negativity expressed within a an utterance. Rather than a simple positive or negative score, Receptiviti specifies the co-occurrence of both positivity and negativity within a single text, without neutralizing these distinct signals. 


The science of detecting deception is complex, but language can provide strong clues about how an executive is thinking. Compared to truth-tellers, people who are being deceptive typically use language with lower cognitive complexity, they use fewer self-references and other-references, and use more negative emotion words. 

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