Executive and
Leadership Intelligence


Receptiviti Executive and Leadership Intelligence (ELI) provides groundbreaking insights into the psychology of executives and leaders at both publicly-traded and private corporations.


Competitive and
market intelligence.

Through every communication, executives unconsciously reveal information about their state of mind, wellbeing, authenticity, confidence, and the dynamics of their relationships with their colleagues. Understanding how these factors change over time is key to understanding an organization’s leadership and to anticipating its future performance. Receptiviti aggregates and analyzes public corporate communications, including speeches, interviews and earnings reports, to provide an entirely new benchmark in predictive corporate intelligence.



Intelligence for
succession planning.

The stakes are high when it comes to corporate succession planning. Successful planning for the C-suite involves more than identifying the expertise and qualifications. Succession planning is a continuous process of identifying and grooming emerging leaders and influencers at all levels within your organization. Receptiviti ELI identifies emerging leaders and enables you to compare their traits and spheres of influence to those of your current leadership.

Catalyze the
influence hierarchy.

Organizational charts rarely paint an accurate picture of the true dynamics of power and influence that exist inside organizations. Influence isn’t bestowed, it is an interpersonal phenomenon rooted in social psychology. Receptiviti makes it easy to uncover the spheres of influence within your organization, allowing you to identify and empower the influencers in your workforce.

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