Measure Cognitive Load and Complexity of Thinking

Measure and evaluate how people think, digest information, problem-solve, and make decisions.

Understand and measure how people think and make decisions

Quantify cognitive load, styles of analytical thinking, problem solving, distraction, persuasion, certainty, tentativeness, and more.


Companies use Receptiviti's suite of Cognitive measures to measure mental wellbeing, identify at-risk employee groups from survey responses and internal communications, anticipate customer decision-making, and to predict GPA from university application essays.

Cognition Research


Check out the thousands of studies that use our science to investigate the relationship between language use, cognitive processes and behaviour:


Linguistic Analysis of Communication in Therapist-Assisted Internet- Delivered Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Therapist-assisted online cognitive behaviour therapy (ICBT) usually involves expressive writing with a therapist. This study examines messages sent to therapists during ICBT and explored covariation of language use with improvement of symptoms. 

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When Small Words Foretell Academic Success - The Case of College Admissions Essays.png

When Small Words Foretell Academic Success: The Case of College Admissions Essays


An analysis of over 50,000 college admissions essays from more than 25,000 entering students and their grades over four years of college, found that higher grades were associated with higher levels of language reflective of analytical thinking and personal narratives.

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Predicting mild cognitive impairment from spontaneous spokenutterances.png

Predicting mild cognitive impairment from spontaneous spoken utterances

Trials in Alzheimer's disease are increasingly focusing on prevention in asymptomatic individuals. Indicators of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) may be present in the content of spoken language in older adults and be useful in distinguishing those with MCI from those who are cognitively intact. 

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We invented the science of language psychology

30-years ago we invented the science of language and personality, and we've been perfecting it ever since.The Receptiviti API is rooted in our validated science and makes it easy to integrate cognitive science into your applications.

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