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Industry Challenge:

Today's advanced call centre technology providers are looking to improve customer experience by moving beyond sentiment and topic analysis to realize a more nuanced understanding of their customers' intentions, expectations and needs, in order to engage them with empathy and personalization.

Why Receptiviti:


Receptiviti's API enables call centre data science teams to measure agent empathy, rapport, interpersonal dynamics, the quality of relationships that agents establish with customers, and uncover customer decision-making styles. Receptiviti also provides measures of prevailing cognitive state and personality in order to route customers to agents who are best fit to each customer's unique communication style and personality.

Call Centre Capabilities:

Receptiviti provides research-based call centre analytics that tie linguistic patterns and psychology to call centre success:


A recent Harris Interactive survey found 73% of customers say agent friendliness is a top priority when dealing with call centers. Language Style Matching (LSM) can be used to measure rapport, the quality of interactions, and  the degree to which agents and calls are paying attention to each other.


Some customers want to start with small-talk, while others want to get straight to the point. Receptiviti enables call centers to generate agent and customer profiles that can be used to route callers to agents who are best suited to each customer's needs and communication style.


How can psychology be used to improve sales effectiveness? Receptiviti's cognitive measures can uncover decision-making styles from small amounts of language to determine whether they rely on evidence and data, as opposed to instinct and feelings, when making decisions. 

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