Introducing Mike Friedman, Receptiviti’s New Chief Analytics Officer and Head of Product

I’m very excited to announce that Mike Friedman has joined Receptiviti as Chief Analytics Officer and Head of Product. Mike was previously Managing Director, Data Science & Analytics at Scotiabank. For almost two decades years Mike has been building and managing large teams of data scientists and engineers to design, develop, and deploy advanced analytics and artificial intelligence based systems across the bank, including Scotia’s Corporate and Investment Bank, Global Transaction Bank, and Commercial Banking.

I was introduced to Mike in 2016 by one of our advisors, and we quickly developed a great working relationship. Mike’s theoretical and practical knowledge of artificial intelligence, and his experience designing and building highly complex analytics systems that simplify business problem solving was incredibly appealing. I knew early on that we wanted to bring him onboard. In addition to his professional experience, Mike holds degrees in Commerce and a Master’s in Management Analytics from Queen’s University. He is a Chartered Accountant in Canada, a Certified Public Accountant in the U.S., and an adjunct lecturer at Queen’s Smith School of Business.

Our customers hold us to an incredibly high ethical standard, and as we continue to scale it’s increasingly important for us to bring on established leaders like Mike who have deep expertise in ethical AI and are highly regarded both in industry and academia. There’s an elegance and empathetic nature to Mike’s data-driven approach that is quite rare, he’s relentless when it comes to simplicity and actionability, both of which are critically important when building systems that people actually want to use.

As we continue to grow our customer base and partnerships, expand our research and the capabilities of our platform, Mike’s experience will be a huge asset and driving force into 2019 and beyond. I’m delighted to welcome Mike to Receptiviti’s leadership team!

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