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Communication style assessment from language

Individualized feedback about how people communicate, the implications of their communication style, and insights into how others are likely to perceive them.

Receptiviti makes it easy for coaches and executive training programs to augment traditional assessment with language-based assessment. Our white-label technology takes approximately 15-minutes to complete, features customizable questions and can be cobranded for your organization. Individualized insights are presented in a comprehensive PDF report immediately after completion.

Political Figure

Powerful insights into the implications of communication style

Individualized Feedback


Comprehensive report details how a participant communicates, implications of their communication style, and insights into how others likely to perceive them.


This form of projected leadership analysis can be a valuable addition to coaching, individualized learning, and leadership development programs, self-growth and succession planning initiatives.


Benefits of Language-Based Assessment


Leveraging validated science, the Communication-Based Executive Assessment offers multiple benefits as a compliment to traditional assessments:

  • Detailed assessment findings are available immediately after completion.

  • Questions can be customized.

  • Cobranding options available.

  • Less prone to manipulation and bias than traditional self-assessments and peer-assessments.

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